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RIKA Pellet stoves

RIKA – a success story

RIKA has been in the metalworking industry for more than 55 years. Today RIKA is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality log and pellet stoves in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. RIKA above all stands for one thing: quality, innovation and design. This is also reflected in the continuing development of the stoves thus for example we participate in numerous public innovation projects in addition to our own research and development work.  RIKA has been researching and developing stoves for more than 20 years. In Europe RIKA still plays a pioneering role in the development of pellet technology; after all pellet stove technology was introduced in Europe by RIKA in 1989.Iron runs in our blood – and we are always producing new ideas

Our headquarters are located in the Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region; an area that is not only beautiful but has also been famous since the 16th century for the skill of the inhabitants in working with metals of all kinds. We continue this legacy at RIKA.

We produce all our stoves locally in our works in Micheldorf and Adlwang and only cooperate with Central European suppliers. Our employees are trained to the optimum and continue training throughout their working lives. Because after all they ensure the outstanding quality of a RIKA log or pellet stove.  We use modern machinery and high-tech equipment in production such as e.g. our plasma cutter or welding robots. We apply the highest quality standards when choosing our materials and only use carefully selected goods. And to make sure you enjoy your RIKA stove for a long time we guarantee delivery of spare parts, ceramics and stone for more than 10 years, even if the respective stove is no longer produced.RIKA stoves: top efficiency with lowest emissions.

We are only satisfied with the best: all RIKA models fulfil our very high requirements in environmental compatibility. Therefore, the emissions from our stoves are frequently only half the applicable limits while the efficiency of our stoves is well above the guidance values specified. These top values are achieved by using innovative technologies and selected materials: robust quality steel, high-strength special cast iron and high-quality ceramic parts are used in every RIKA stove.


Pellet fireside stoves from RIKA

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