Safety instructions for storing wood pellets

This is how you store wood pellets properly

For fuel pellets, as for all kinds of energy, there are safety regulations which must be strictly adhered to.

  1. A pellet storeroom is not a playground. Children have no business to be in a storeroom. Moving parts such as e.g. the auger represent a potential hazard for children which they are unable to appreciate. In addition, it should be remembered that wood pellets can be swallowed by children.
  2. Pellet storage places are not envisaged to be accessed or used by persons. Excepted are specialist personnel who have specific tasks to carry out. Care should be taken to ensure that there is adequate ventilation before entering the storage area.
  3. Before a pellet store is filled, the pellet heating must be shut down. Time specifications differ according to manufacturer. However, the pellet heating must always be shut down at least 1 hour beforehand. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications in this respect.
  4. If tasks are carried out in the filled storeroom, ensure that a second person is always located outside the pellet area.
  5. Where storage spaces are concerned which are difficult to access, the person entering should be additionally protected.

Please observe all additional safety instructions from your supplier and carefully read all informatory leaflets and brochures. In case something is unclear, please refer to your heating supplier, responsible authority such as chimney sweep, or your supplier's customer service.

Note: As a rule there are no hazards from pellet heating systems which have been installed and are operated in conformance with relevant regulations. In the event of malfunctions, raised levels of dangerous gases such as e.g. carbon monoxide can occur. Should too much of this carbon monoxide be released into the inhaled air, it can represent a hazard for your health. Under normal conditions there are no hazards for operators of a pellet heating system. However, one cannot completely exclude the occurrence of faults. In such cases, please contact your service partner immediately.

Tip: Take out a service contract with your heating supplier. That way you can ensure that your system is correctly adjusted and runs safely and economically.

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