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Pellet Stove for living rooms

wodtke pellet stove Controlled fire in the form of a firing installation which is in the living room, imparts cosiness, warmth and comfort. The pellet stove combines long-standing tradition with the latest technology. Simplest use, automatic operation, economic and environmentally-friendly heating are just some of the many advantages which pellet stoves provide for the user. Furthermore the user can also enjoy an elegant item of furniture. With their attractive design and diverse choice of colour and material, pellet stoves can be chosen to blend with individual furnishing styles. Several pellet stoves from different suppliers have already been awarded internationally renowned prizes for their design. System technology is divided into two groups and outputs are between 5 – 15 kW for the majority of stoves depending on model and type.

RIKA pellet stove System technology of pellet stoves: The pellets are conveyed from an integral bin with a volume of 10 - 40 kg via an auger into a burn pot. The controls, the heart of the pellet stove, regulate the quantity of pellets depending on the output required, via an auger motor. The wood pellets in the burn pot are automatically ignited in the start-up phase using an integral heating element. Heat is delivered to the installation room via the window as well as via an integral heat exchanger, using convection. Several manufacturers use an additional fan for a faster delivery of convected heat. Once the desired room temperature has been reached, the pellet stove stops the fuel feed. During the follow-up time, hot flue gases are exhausted through the connected chimney. If the set-point is undercut the pellet stove automatically restarts. If the pellet stove is to be used for central heating, pellet stoves with integral water pockets are used. Through this water pocket approx. 80-90% of total heat output according to model, is fed into the heating system via a buffer tank. By additionally connecting to a pellet storage room this kind of pellet heating system can also function as a fully-automatic heating system.

Low consumption: Modern pellet stoves operate with an efficiency well in excess of 90 %. This means a lot of heat with an extremely low fuel consumption. As a rule 10 or 15 kg sacks of pellets are used for pellet stoves. So-called "big bags" with 700 - 1000 kg are also available from suppliers.

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