Pellet store

Popular systems for storing wood pellets

Wood pellets are stored in specially designed storage rooms or storage containers. A well-designed pellet storeroom plays an important role in ensuring that your pellets do not disintegrate into dust during filling.

The following pellet storage systems are offered by various manufacturers:

Underground pellet silo

Mall underground pellet silo Where an underground silo is concerned, a spherical pellet silo is simply buried in the garden or beneath the driveway. The appropriate manhole covers can be walked upon or driven over. Additional space freed up inside the house can be utilized for hobby or leisure purposes. Spherical pellet silos are made of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin GFK and can neither rust internally nor externally. The vacuum extraction system, perfectly matched to the sphere, provides easy filling of the pellet heating. The spherical shape of the pellet store and the smooth internal surfaces, allow the pellets to continually flow down to the lowest point of the silo. The extraction system ensures unproblematic suction of pellets and makes utilization of almost the complete volume of the sphere possible. Extraction performance is dependent upon vacuum system employed and is approx. 10 kg per minute, according to manufacturer. Spherical pellet silos are available in various sizes with fill volumes of 8,000 to 14,000 litres.

Flexible pellet silo

ÖKOfen flexible pellet silo The flexible pellet silo is fitted with an auger delivery system and suction adapter. The method of construction allows it to be taken into any room in single parts and put together. The flexible pellet silo is adjustable for height. The height lies between 1.80 metres and 2.50 metres and is therefore adaptable to the height of individual rooms. Sides and cover of the pellet store are made of flexible and durable antistatic textile material. A compact steel frame, conical base and special delivery system provide optimal and reliable conveying of pellets.

Pellet storeroom

Fröling pellet storeroom Ideally a storeroom for pellets has an external wall. This allows the filling ports to be accessible from the outside. If a pellet storeroom is located in the interior, inlet and venting pipes must be installed to the external wall. The filling ports for the pellets must not incorporate any right angles. If filling ports do have right angles, the sudden change in direction can cause the wood pellets to break. A suitable impact protection mat inside the store is used to bring the pellets gently to a halt. The pellets are delivered by road tanker and blown into the storeroom. Such bulk road tankers are equipped with pump hoses with a length of maximum 30 metres. The pellet storeroom (or filler connections) should therefore be a maximum of 30 metres from the access to the house.

Sheet steel pellet silo

This pellet store is made of galvanized steel sheeting and is very well suited to storing wood pellets. All angles and clearances are adapted to the natural flow behaviour of wood pellets. This type of pellet storage guaranties dry storage of wood pellets and is perfectly suited for the renovation of old buildings e.g. with damp walls in the cellar. The sheet steel pellet silo can be installed free-standing in any room. Due to the modular construction, several sizes are available. The existing space can thereby be optimally utilized. This pellet store is suitable for approx. 2 to 10 tons of pellets.

Important note: Pellet storage spaces must always be adequately ventilated. Please observe local standards and fire protection regulations when planning. Consult your specialist and/or responsible authority or chimney sweep concerning the details.

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