Storage of pellets

Heating with pellets: Simple, clean and safe.

KWB pellet silo Wood pellets should only be purchased from pellets suppliers who can provide assured quality and logistics. Pellets must be transported and stored in dry condition. Wood pellets which become damp, swell and can no longer be used for heating purposes. Storage does not engender any environmental risk whatsoever. The best thing about storing wood pellets: Due to their high bulk density, pellets only require around half the space as conventional firewood. It should however be noted that a well-structured pellet storeroom is extremely important if it is to be ensured that the pellets do not break down into dust when filling.

Everything about storage and quality of pellets

The quality of the wood pellets is also a deciding factor for the functionality of your pellet heating. We categorically recommend only purchasing pellets which conform to the ÖNORM M 7135 or DINplus standards. You can further ensure perfect operation of your pellet heating by emptying the pellet storage every two years, or at the latest after every third filling and removing the fines. We recommend that you have this done by a specialist or that you obtain specialist instruction beforehand. In this regard also refer to the safety instructions.

Depending on the initial product (type of wood) wood pellets develop a certain unique odour. This is formed during pelletization by the natural ingredients of the wood and volatilises of its own accord after a short time.

Delivery of pellets and what should be observed

Bulk wood pellets are delivered by bulk road tanker. For delivering, a road width of at least three metres is required and an overhead clearance of four metres. It would be ideal if the pellet store were to be located at an external wall. Please take these criteria into consideration when ordering your pellets.

When storing your pellets in sacks, no special criteria need to be observed. Sacks of pellets must only be stored securely and dry.

Das Pelletslager sollte ca. das 1,5-fache eines gesamten Jahresbedarfs aufnehmen können.

When filling the pellet store with pellets in bulk, the hose length should be maximum 30 metres. If a longer length of hose is necessary, inform your supplier accordingly when ordering. Always clarify the technical aspects of delivery of pellets during ordering - that way you can save your nerves and a lot of time.

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