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Pellets - heating with biomass

From the point of view of energy technology, 2 kg of wood pellets are equal to one litre of domestic heating oil. As far as space is concerned, 3m³ of wood pellets replace approx. 1000 litres of domestic heating oil. Pellets are "stored energy from the native country"; they contribute significantly to value creation and to the creation and security of local employment. Heating with pellets relieves the environment, since burning wood pellets does not increase the CO2 content of the atmosphere.

Meanwhile it is undisputed that our reserves of fossil energy sources such as oil and gas are slowly but surely being depleted. If we wish to prevent the global collapse and foreseeable explosion of energy prices, we need an enormous change in energy policy. On this the majority of climate and economic experts agree.

Climate problem number one for warming is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is created in great quantity there, where oil is burned. House and apartment owners can make an active contribution to climate protection by heating with pellets; at the same time relieving their household budgets.

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