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We offer various ways for you to present your company:

Company presentation

A comprehensive entry is the ideal way to present your company to prospective customers.
Whether pellet manufacturer or pellet dealer, you can present your products and capitalize on sales inquiries.
Whether stove or boiler manufacturer you can present your company and products in detail, with brochure downloads and contact facilities.

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Pellets News

Send us your company news, product news and press releases; we will publish these for free in Pellets News and in our Pelletshome Newsletter.
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Banner advertising

In addition to company entries in the respective categories (Pellet supplier, Pellet manufacturer, Boiler manufacturer, Stove manufacturer, etc.) classical types of online advertizing are also available.

Three different alternatives are offered from which it is possible to book packages with 10,000 (ad cover page) or 100,000 ad views (site-wide ad small and large) respectively.

Site-wide-Ad largeSite-wide-Ad smallContent ad cover page
TKP€ 19,-€ 9,-€ 90,-
Price 10.000 views--€ 900,-
Price 50.000 views€ 950,-€ 450,-€ 4.500,-
min. order quant.50.000 views50.000 views10.000 views


Max. size 60kb (large) resp. 40kb (small) - as GIF, FLASH or JPG

Contact & booking

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information!

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