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KWB Pellet storage

Biomass Belongs to the Future

The power of innovation and intensive research make KWB a leader in the technology of biomass heating systems throughout Europe. KWB is focused entirely on innovation. 26 of the 200 employees work in the biggest private biomass research centre in Europe. KWB is an internationally recognised research partner and cooperates with renowned institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute and the German Aerospace Centre.

With its fully automatic biomass heating systems, KWB has focused its wood for years on the use of renewable and efficient sources of energy. Heating with pellets, woodchip or log wood also opens up possibilities for achieving considerable savings.

The product range: Today the product range encompasses wood pellet, woodchip and log wood boilers as well as individual extraction and storage systems for every spatial situation. All boilers are fitted with the KWB-Comfort 3.0 microprocessor controller, a modern, easy-to-operate control system. The outputs range from 8 kW to 300 kW. This means the system meets the heating needs of low-energy houses, single and multi-family dwellings and even regional heating, e.g. for housing developments or public buildings.

The product range includes the KWB Easyfire pellet boiler as an ideal system for new structures and for the refurbishing of buildings in urban arena; the KWB Multifire woodchip boiler as an attractively priced alternative for rural areas; the KWB Classicfire log wood boiler with a combustion time of 20 hours as an ideal bled of traditional wood heater and a modern heating system and the KWB Powerfire, with an output of up to 300 kW as a single unit and up to 600 kW as a double Unit.

Pellet store from KWB

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