Pellet stoves from FERRO

On this page you can find information about pellet stoves from FERRO overview. With a pellet stove from FERRO you put more warmth into your life.

Heating with pellets and FERRO

A pellet fireplace stove is best suited for singles and families. Whether in the apartment, holiday home, winter garden, passive house or low-energy house - heating with pellets is an energy-saving alternative to conventional heating. When heating with pellet stoves you do not only relieve the environment but save yourself hard cash. Low consumption is only one of the many advantages when you heat with a pellet stove. Even many fireplace pellet stoves work with an efficiency of well over 90 percent: This means that sufficient warmth can be achieved with a low consumption of fuel. Further advantages of a pellet stove are the ease of handling, the high calorific value and the environmentally friendly process. Pellet combustion is CO2 neutral and therefore they counteract the greenhouse effect.

All pellet stoves from FERRO overview

Pellet boilers from FERRO

A pellet boiler provides cosy warmth in your home and is also environmentally friendly. The trade offers two different kinds of pellet heating boiler – decide for yourself which of the two versions matches your personal requirements and your perceptions of a pellet heating system.

Heating with pellets and FERRO

Whether fully automatic or semi-automatic compact pellet system – they all have one thing in common: Heating with pellets is extremely energy saving and cost effective. Modern pellet boilers achieve an efficiency of more than 90 percent and provide a warm living home in which the whole family feels comfortable. Learn here about all the pellet boilers from FERRO and decide which heating boiler is the right one for you.

All pellet boilers from FERRO overview

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